Feb 6th Falcon Users This is Important! Please Read

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!If you are using Falcon follow these instructions to restore your service:You must simply logout and log back into your account and everything should be working fine again!If that doesn't work please clear the app data & cacheTo clear data and cache using an Amazon Firestick. Press the home button, go settings, Apps, Manage ... Read More »

Dec 23rd Only Amazon Pay, CashApp & Venmo Available at Checkout!

We are ONLY offering Amazon Pay, CashApp and Venmo payments at the moment. If you do not have an Amazon or CashApp account it would be best to get signed up for one now.   To pay with Amazon Pay you just need to already have an Amazon account (Sign up if you don't have one) and you pay with the credit/debit card that is already linked to your ... Read More »